How to make Indian filter coffee?

How to make Indian filter coffee:

Put required teaspoons of sugar in a stainless steel filter, add powdered coffee. Pour hot water heated to 110 degrees into the filter and close. Collect the first decoction and keep it warm by placing in a tub of hot water. Pour 10 to 15 ml of decoction over sugar. Add milk, (preferably fresh) till it flows onto the saucer. Swish coffee once and drink hot.



Learning to Learn

Scoping the subject

The first step in learning about a subject and perhaps the most critical is to determine the scope of the subject you want to learn about.

Having a goal

The next thing you need is a goal. There is no point in learning something just for the sake of learning it.

Finding resources

After you know what you are going to learn and you have a good idea of how you will measure your achievement of the learning, you will undoubtedly need to find some resources for proceeding with your plan.

Putting it into practice

I’ve found the most effective way to actually learn something once I know what I am going to learn and where I am going to get the information from is to study and do at almost the same time.


One excellent technique for learning something is to immerse yourself in it. If you really want to learn a programming language, start doing everything in that language.

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