CCSK Domain 1 : Cloud Computing Architectural Framework

CCSK Domain 1 : Cloud Computing Architectural Framework

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud separates application and information resources from underlying infrastructure and the mechanisms used to deliver them.

Cloud enhances collaboration, agility, scaling and availability and provides the potential for cost reduction through optimized and efficient computing.


Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK ) premier

This blog is about CCSK certificate exam with all the resource information and links.

CCSK Exam :
Prerequisites: Study CSA Guidance pdf and ENISA report pdf
Number of questions: 50
Score needed to pass: 80%
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $295 USD

CCSK Resources :

CSA Guidance: (70%)
ENISA: (20%)

CCSK Key Examination Concepts
CSA Guidance For Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing (14 Domains)

Section 1. Cloud Architecture
Domain 1 : Cloud Computing Architectural Framework

Section 2. Governing in the Cloud
Domain 2 : Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
Domain 3 : Legal Issues: Contracts and Electronic Discovery
Domain 4 : Compliance and Audit
Domain 5 : Information Management and Data Security
Domain 6 : Portability and Interoperability

Section 3. Operating in the Cloud
Domain 7 : Traditional Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Domain 8 : Data Center Operations
Domain 9 : Incident Response, Notifications and Remediation
Domain 10: Application Security
Domain 11: Encryption and Key Management
Domain 12: Identity and Access Management
Domain 13: Virtualization
Domain 14: Security as a Service